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Popular Science Apparatus Workshops Pvt. Ltd.
Products & Services
Demonstration Meter
Force Table
Digital Microvoltmeter
Digital Nanoammeter
Gyroscope With Counterpoise
Inclined Plane
Tapping Key
Wave Motion Model
Deluxe Inclined Microscope
Hooke's Hook's Law
Primary and Secondary Coils
Spouting Cylinder
Electromagnet Demonstration
Motor Generator Unit
Ohm's Law Apparatus
Lampboard 3 Lamps
Scientific Equipments
Plug Key
Meters Demonstration Type
Ohm's Law Apparatus
Meter Bridge (Wheat Stone Bridge)
Power Supply
Lechlanche Cell
Gold Leaf Electroscope
Post Office Box
Lens: Concave/Convex
Lens Holder
Glass and Acrylic Blocks
Light Gratings & Polarizing Filters
Spectrometer Prism: Crown Glass
Astronomical & Terrestrial Telescope
Slide Projector
Horseshoe Magnet
Mariner's Compass
Oersted Apparatus
Vibration Magnetometer
Tangent Galvanometer Stop Clock / Stop Watch
Wooden Blocks & Wedges
Triple Beam Balance
Ticker Tape Timer
Weight Box -Physical Analytical /Fractional
Boyle's law apparatus
Friction Rod - Ebonite / Glass / Polythene
Force Table
Melde's Apparatus
Wave Motion Machine
Bimetal Strip
Thermometer - Mercury / Red alcohol
Joules Alorimeter
Steam Boiler
Searl's Apparatus for Thermal Conductivity
Petrol/Diesel Engine Model
Coupling Jar
Dropping Bottles
Glass Tubes
Measuring Cylinders
Petri Dish
Reagent Bottle (Narrow Mouth/Wide Mouth)
Rectangular Jar
Test Tube
Woulf's Bottle
Beehive Shelves
Boss Heads
Clay Pipe Triangle
Cork Borer
Evaporating Dish
Litmus Paper
Melting Point Apparatus
Platinum Wire
Rubber Tube
Spirit Lamp
Test-Tube Stand
Scientific Equipments
Ammeter/Voltmeter: AC/DC
Crocodile Clip
Resistance Box Rheostat
Potentiometer - Single/Four/Ten Wire
Battery Eliminators
Voltic Cell
Solar Cell Unit/Solar Motor with Fan
Electronic Training Kits
Mirror: Concave/Convex
Prism: Equilateral/Right Angled
Optical Bench - Wooden/Metallic
Diffraction Gratings
Reading Telescope
Periscope Model
Bar Magnet
Cylindrical Magnet
Pocket Compass
Wind Vane
Magnetic Needle on Stand
Iron Filing Sprinkler
Inclined Plane
Bucket & Cylinder
Slotted Weights With Hanger
Air Pump
Hook's Law Apparatus
Physical Balance
Screw Gauge
Pith Ball Pendulum
Tuning Forks
Resonance Apparatus
Conductor Set
Bar and Gauge
Ring & Ball Apparatus
Slinky Spring
Linear Expansion Apparatus
Thermal Conductivity of Metal Apparatus
Aspirator Bottles
Calcium Chloride Tower
Glass Rods
Measuring Flask
Pestle Mortar
Rectangular Jar
Simple Round Jar
Wash Bottles
Atomic Model Set
Crystal Structure (Diamond/Graphite/Sodium Chloride)
Laboratory Stand
Pinch Clip
Pipette Stand
Rubber Buns (Stopper)
Tripod Stand
Wire Gauge
Scientific Equipments
Newton Key / Reversing Key
Resistance Coil
Electric Motor Kit/ Dynamo Model
Daniel Cell
Battery / Lead Accumulator
Van De Graff generator
Plain Mirror Strip with Stand
Magnifying Glass
Glass Slab
Newton Colour Disc
Ray Track Apparatus
Traveling Microscopes
Overhead Projector
Pin Hole Camera
U-Shaped Magnet
Ring Magnet
Plotting Compass
Dip Circle
Deflection Magnetometer
Induction Coil
Metal Cubes & Blocks
Spring Balance - Metal/Plastic/Acrylic
Pulleys - Metal / Plastic
Simple Pendulum
Young's Modulus Apparatus
Meter Scale - Full / Half
Vernier Calipers
Geometrical Instrument Box
Ripple Tank
Bell in Bell Jar
Hope's Apparatus
Copper Calorimeter
Steam Generator
Newton's Law of Cooling Apparatus
Steam Engine Models
Bell Jar
Distillation Apparatus
Gas Jar
Kipps Apparatus
Pneumatic Trough
Simple Round Jar
Separating Funnel
Weighing Bottles
Analytical Balance
Cavity Block
Crucible Tongs
Filter Paper
Magnesium Ribbon
Periodic Table
Porcelain Ware
Test-Tube Holder
  Water Bath
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